Creandum is an independent and partner owned venture capital firm investing in strong entrepreneurs leading innovative and fast-growing technology companies from Northern Europe.

We currently have approximately 210 million euros under management and we are actively looking for new companies to invest in.

We typically invest between €0.1 - 1 million in seed stages, €1 - 4 million in early stage A-rounds and €5 - 10 million in A-rounds of companies that have come further in proving their business and business models.

Between us, we have started some 15 companies as entrepreneurs, invested in close to 50 technology companies as investors and angels, and have operational experience from leading positions in all areas of a growing international technology company.

Creandum has as one of its corner investors the 6th Swedish National Pension Fund and is among other major international investors supported by the European Communities Growth and Employment Initiative, MAP - ETF Start-up Facility.

Bjarke Staun-Olsen

Bjarke, educated in Copenhagen, recently ran Vaniday in Berlin, a Rocket Internet founded global beauty and wellness marketplace.

After spending some years at Goldman Sachs, Bjarke co-founded Alipes Capital in 2008, a company with 20 current employees that employs machine learning and natural language processing to read financial news, allowing stocks to be trades on the insights generated. Bjarke is still a major shareholder and board member of this very profitable fintech company. At Creandum, Bjarke focuses on the Nordic market


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