Jacob Bratting Pedersen

Jacob has nine years of accumulated venture capital experience. After a three-year stay in Israel, where venture capital was a well-established line of business in the late 90’s, he returned to Denmark in 2000, when VC was practically non-existing at the time. He was therefore considered one of the Danish VC pioneers and has promoted the VC concept by American role model since the beginning of the millennium.

Jacob’s stay at Northcap has been two-staged. He was onboard from 2007-2010 and then re-joined in 2012 following a pitstop at Scandinavian security software player Secunia, where he drove the company’s hyper growth from his COO position. Jacob has taken a special interest in structuring of international sales organizations, and has the practical toolbox for maximizing sales efficiency.

He has co-founded two technology companies and holds elaborate board experience from companies including iBill of the current Northcap portfolio. Jacob’s educational background concludes a M.Sc. BA and Commercial Law from Copenhagen Business School and Nijmegen University, Holland supplemented with financial and entrepreneurial courses from INSEAD, Harvard Business School and MIT. This combination all together leaves Jacob skilled in all phases of investments, international software sales and with extensive M&A knowledge and experience.

International and adventurous are two adjectives that pinpoint the essence of Jacob, who has spent six years of his life living and working abroad. Whether he is wearing his business suit or his scuba diving gear, he is always prepared to take risks, explore new possibilities and engage in new experiences.



Northcap invest in Northern European IT startups. Strong growth and international potential are key characteristics of all Northcap investments and our portfolio of B2B and B2B2C companies constitutes the cream of Northern Europe’s IT companies.
We are hands-on and actively involved in growing the companies we partner with.

Jacob Bratting Pedersen


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