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Hvorfor Aditus

Stærke relationer skaber succesfulde virksomheder..

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Hvorfor Aditus

Works through strong relationships to build successful companies

Læs mere om Aditus


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At Deloitte we offer clients a broad range of auditing and advisory services including auditing, accounting and consulting, tax, Enterprise Risk Services, Business Consulting, Financial Advisory and Business Process Solutions.

We are located throughout Denmark with 20 regional offies including three in Greenland. We deal with clients of all sizes from both the public and private sector and aim to add to the growth and excellence of each through our services on a day-to-day basis.


Medlem fra Deloitte
Søren Standby

The Pack

We are a digital design agency building smart and innovative solutions based on strong ideas…and we really love to get involved.

We don’t have a preference for a specific client profile but work with companies of all shapes and sizes. We love both the early start-ups and the established because both will share the same challenge – there will always be a business problem to solve and a future to shape together.

We are based on a strong design foundation and innovation focus and our team consists of professionals from different sectors and working backgrounds, giving us a unique approach when we solve the needs and wants of our clients.

Medlemmer fra The Pack
Anders Skouboe
Jan Ligaard

Kromann Reumert

Kromann Reumert is the leading law firm in Denmark with offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus, London and Brussels.

We employ a team of app. 600 dedicated people, who work together to provide quality services for our clients. Currently, our employees include around 320 lawyers covering a long list of practice areas.

Kromann Reumert’s legal advice is practical, relevant and individually tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. We believe that the best advice is achieved by working in close cooperation with our clients and developing a thorough knowledge of their business. A collaborative approach enables us to provide workable, operational and value-adding solutions for both the short and long term.

Kromann Reumert

Medlemmer fra Kromann Reumert
Torben Waage
Amalie Paludan

Erhvervshus Hovedstaden

(Copenhagen Business Hub)
The target group for Erhvervshus Hovedstaden is startups and businesses, who wish to enter new international markets, develop new products and increase profit. Erhvervshus Hovedstaden identifies the business’ need for development and offers targeted counseling on the next steps of development. Erhvervshus Hovedstadens services are free of charge.

Erhvervshus Hovedstaden

Medlemmer fra Erhvervshus Hovedstaden
Max Damgaard
Lasse Sørensen

Danske Bank

Danske Bank Group, headquartered in Copenhagen, is the largest bank in Denmark and one of the leading financial enterprises in northern Europe. We offer a full range of banking services, with an emphasis on retail banking. Danske Bank offers a complete range of products and services targeting the various needs of business customers.

We want to be our business customers’ trusted financial partner by setting new standards in business banking and by helping customers build financial strategies that support their business plans.

Danske Bank

Medlemmer fra Danske Bank
Simon Peter Jacobsen
Sofie Skovbo Hald


I partnerskab med banker og private investorer fra ind- og udland udvælger og udvikler vi de virksomheder, Danmark ikke må gå glip af. Vi har erfaring og ekspertise, der kan få ting til at gro og virksomheder til at vokse – fra digitalisering af en håndværksvirksomhed i Sallingsund til lancering af en robotarm i Silicon Valley. Innovationskraft, samfundsafkast og ansvarlighed er pejlemærker, vi styrer efter, når vi vurderer projekter. Men vi glemmer aldrig, at de projekter vi udvælger og udvikler, skal sætte ting i gang og mennesker i arbejde. I Danmark.


Medlem fra Vækstfonden
Jacob Bratting Pedersen

Tink Tank

I love designs and well organized spaces because it immediately makes me feel calm and clear. I have always been fascinated by the importance of space, furnishings and well-being. The effect that rooms have on our health is spreading, and there are many topics and considerations involved. Shaped by my career through +23 years in the corporate company, change in space and location have always been a normal condition for me.

With Tink Tank I built a refuge and today I know that the place is not only for myself but also for many others who seek refuge for various reasons – be it from something or something. Fortunately, the good news is that the work environments can be changed. Only you can make this change, be it to redesign the rooms by yourself or be it the requirement of your employer now is the time.

Tink Tank

Medlem fra Tink Tank
Lone Aggersbjerg

Hafstrøm Nielsen

Hafstroem Nielsen is a hands on sparring partner for Early Stage Companies in the ICT area.  Hafstroem Nielsen offers senior experience in Strategy and Business Development as well as in Operational Management.

Hafstroem Nielsen is active with consultancy/advice, education, workshops,  board engagements and Capital raising.

Medlem fra Hafstrøm Nielsen
Søren Nielsen